A REAL kiwi original

Our black gold comes in different shapes and sizes. Find one that you can handle below. P.S. we come in bagels too.

Marmite 250g

Marmite 500g

It all starts when the trucks roll in with yeast – a by-product of the brewing industry. We then add our secret blend of herbs and spices and take a break. Not us, the mixture. This is where the science comes in. It’s called autolysis, where the natural enzymes in the yeast act to develop the unique Marmite flavour. This is then slowly concentrated to give us the perfect ‘toast spreading’ consistency. But that’s just the start… because we source our yeast from a bunch of different places across New Zealand, each batch we make has its own distinct flavour and consistency.

So the real art comes in here as our team of master craftspeople taste the batches and use their experienced palates to blend different batches together to create the perfect tasting Marmite.

It’s only once this careful blending has been done that we fill jars, pack them up and send them off to supermarkets and dairies for all Kiwis to enjoy. It’s an age-old process perfected in the 1940’s and we’re still going strong today.